“Mud Shoes”

One bag of sand each was added to two of the pits. Ultimately it was spread around a bit.

Two bags of sand were added to the pits last Thursday. It would seem advisable that an additional 6-8 bags should be added to complete a top-notch job. The sand bags cost about $5 each and they weigh about 50 lbs. making for a decent exercise bringing them down the hill. It could be part of your summer body-building routine. What do you think? Donations are always welcome.

This sand was made for planting and it’s a bit too fine grained. So it got a little messy in the rain.

The combination of the new sand and the rain made for a bit of a muddy mess. I called it “mud shoes.” It would be good to find some sand that’s a bit heavier grained. Probably it’d be cheaper too.


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