ROUND 2 RECAP: Understandable

Thursday’s turnout for horseshoes was less than overwhelming. However, this is understandable, since we all have so many things to do.

That being said, horseshoe pitching will be an ongoing event throughout most of the summer. RIGHT NOW, TWO MORE THURSDAYS IN MAY. (that day may change in June).

No one should feel limited to Thursdays as the pit is open to anyone on any day. That is, if you have your own horseshoes. Horseshoes can be bought HERE and HERE. And I can almost guarantee that owning your own horseshoes will motivate you to get out there and play.


Despite the poor turnout a few positive things did happen last Thursday

  • The ecology initiative of treating vegetation with a live and let live policy, unless trampled by players, was momentarily suspended, as there were not enough players for sufficient trampling. Instead the machetes came out and weeds were mercilessly chopped down.
  • When there was a question of whether to give a particular plant protected status, the usual ruling was to chop it off and ask questions later.
  • However some plants indeed were spared, at least for now.
  • Planting tulip bulbs along the border to be ready for next spring was a matter put up for further discussion.
  • A new player named Ron Gustav Müller Jacobson joined in the play and he is quite a character. Ron is of mixed Dutch/German/Norwegian descent but most recently hails from Mississippi where horse shoes are king. He speaks in a southern drawl and it’s fun to hear him swear in all four languages. More about Ron later.


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