National Horseshoe Pitching Day: Quite a Success

The Inaugural National Horseshoe Pitching Day was quite a success.

That is to say:

  • Weeds were weeded.
  • Horseshoes were pitched.
  • and afterwards, beer was drank.

All this was done in the spirit of national celebration.

Additionally a few decisions were made:

  • We need more stompers (players) who by walking back and forth will help control the recurrence of the undergrowth. This practice is much less labor intensive than having to do the work of cutting and hoeing.
  • Plants not directly in the line of play will usually be spared.
  • Certain plants slightly in the line of play might also gain protected status.
  • Reaffirmation to sponsor Horseshoe Pitching every Thurs. in May and continuing into the summer.

So things are really happening.

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