Where have you gone Ron Gustav Müller Jacobson?

We are concerned about one of our recent members who we haven’t seen for a few weeks.

We met Ron Gustav Müller Jacobson when he showed up at our own second round of horseshoe play. And from the start, it was clear how much he loved to play horseshoes. But we haven’t seen him lately. And frankly we are a bit worried about him.

Ron is of mixed Dutch/German/Norwegian descent but most recently hails from Mississippi where horse shoes are king. He speaks in a southern drawl and it’s fun to hear him swear in all four languages. Ron has lived in the NYC area for over seven years and has had the same girl friend from the day he arrived.

Last week, LaToya, Ron’s girlfriend of many years showed up at the horseshoe pits wondering if we’d seen him. LaToya was born in Turks and Caicos but was raised in Denmark, so like Ron, she can also swear in several languages. She moved to New York on the day before Ron did. And on the very next day she met Ron and they’ve been together every since.

We’re concerned because last week LaToya showed up and said she hadn’t seen Ron for at least a couple of weeks. She has no idea what could have happened to him or where he could be. And that’s why we’re a bit worried.

So where are you, Ron Gustav Müller Jacobson? The horseshoe people miss you and LaToya sends her love.


––Dean Heagle: President,  Margaret Corbin Provisional Horseshoe Pitching League

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