Monthly Archives: January 2022


Sometimes when I’ve been alone in the pits, I am visited by various specters sometimes from a time when the horseshoe pit was first built, and the sport was popular and it was not uncommon for a young man to invite a young lady for a simple picnic and for her to watch him compete at horseshoes for fame and money. And then other times, I am visited by the future where the pit is either overgrown again or the hotdog and ice cream vendor are open and nearby and the pits are enjoying renewed popularity with people lining up to take a turn. Such are the visitations I sometimes experience. At other times I can focus on the here and now and experience the sound of metal clanging, birds in the distance, the sound of nearby volleyball players, an experience of timelessness and solitude. Scary.

I was hacked, then I moved

I was hacked and disabled in June, disabling about 6 sites including this one. It was easy to rebuild the html, but rebuilding the WP sites caused numerous problems updating the WP databases. I’ve spent considerable time rebuilding to a new host. I am now using Hostinger which seem to overall be helpful in this process.

To make matters more complicated, I moved out of NYC end of Sept. and moving from place to place was not helpful in making steady progress rebuilding anything. 

Now I think the worst of this is over and I can now add new posts here and there. In particular do check out which is about my continued travails with moving, dating, divorce and aging among other things.