The idea for this website originally came from seeing many trees being wantonly cut down in a neighboring vacant lot. Seeing this, I wanted to mount some sort of protest and I tried to get some younger people to notice, but basically no one seemed to care or even seemed to notice what had happened. I found that I stood alone in being enraged. At the time, even if I was unsuccessful at mounting a protest,  I wanted to create a space for at least some sort of commentary. I later found out that trees in NYC basically have no rights and survive at the whim of who owns the property they are growing on.

Seeing the trees being cut down, I immediately thought of Dr. Suess’s Lorax since my question was the same. “Who will speak for the trees?” In the process of looking into my options, I registered LoraxNYC.com and ArtemisNYC.org. I never did anything with the Lorax derived name partly in fear that I would create some sort of copyright infringement if I used it.

The ArtemisNYC.org url was never used for its original purpose  but later became the home of Margaret Corbin Provisional Horseshoe Pitching League. I made this so because I had already started the work on the horseshoe pits and accordingly wanted to promote it and write about it. And now that I think about it, perhaps I should look into getting MargaretCorbinProvisionalHorseshoePitchingLeague.com for a url, although that is rather long.